Babysprouts Co

Wooden Teething Ring - Bebe Stripe


Bebe Stripe teether by Babysprouts Co. Made in the USA.

A teether is an essential for babies and small children. Babysprouts created a solution for sore gums with a maple wood ring, brushed with organic beeswax and olive oil. Each teething ring comes with a fabric tie- offering style, a printed color, and development of fine motor skills for baby. 

All teethers must be used with parental supervision. If the wooden ring starts showing any signs of wear, discard immediately. Do not throw ring as this could increase the risk of breaking.



  • Front: 100% Cotton
  • Back: 100% Bamboo Fleece
  • Ring: Maple Wood brushed with organic beeswax and olive oil

Printing Process

  • The process used to print the pattern on this fabric utilizes water-based ink and is designed to minimize fabric and ink waste
  • The printing process doesn’t require any wet post-processing, so there’s no water consumed during printing
  • All inks and dyes have been tested for harmful chemicals (like formaldehyde and lead) and are found to be safe for infant use
  1. Machine wash fabric tie in cool water on a delicate cycle.
  2. Use phosphate-free detergent.
  3. Low tumble dry or air dry.
  4. Do not bleach. No fabric softener.
  5. Hand wash teether with gentle soap and water and cloth. Do not leave wooden ring submerged in water.